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100% Natural

Pompita is made by blending fresh wine and 100% natural fruit aromas with little bubbles

The perfect match

Wine & fruit in perfect harmony. All 100% natural

Urban spirit

Barcelona, Madrid & Ibiza… Pompita is inspired by Spain’s bustling cities


It started with a paella on the beach

Our love affair with Spain started with a paella on the beach with friends. Having travelled through many of the incredibly diverse cities here we realised that each wonderful place had its own expression and identity. We were inspired to try and capture that in a bottle.

Pompita is the result the quest to create an authentically Spanish taste with zesty fruit flavours. There are three styles so far - each inspired by the cities of Barcelona, Madrid and Ibiza.

Enjoy your Pompita.



Pompita Rosado
Pompita Blanco
Pompita Tinto

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